Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY)

Mobile Access North Yorkshire believes everyone should have access to reliable connectivity – inside and outside the home. We believe that current connectivity is limiting rural developments, whether that is socially or economically. We want to listen to rural communities; to ensure connectivity can support these areas to thrive.

SafeNetics capability within the MANY project leverages international work on the deployment of Mission Critical mobile broadband for Public Safety. This includes innovative adoption of 5G mobile standards to provide secure trustworthy mission critical mobile communication for the Emergency Services. We are also delivering a security work package throughout MANY, providing strategic support and bringing partners together to assess risk across the entire project.

5G Factory of the Future (5GFoF)

5G Factory of the Future is an open-access industrial testbed that aims to find new and more efficient ways of manufacturing to help lead industry towards a smart, sustainable and resilient future. The two-year project seeks to demystify 5G technology and help the UK manufacturing community to realise the benefits of 5G, by developing integrated solutions to key challenges in deploying next generation wireless connectivity in manufacturing.

SafeNetics is working on behalf of 5GFoF project partner Miralis, who drive efficiencies in transport, logistics and supply chain by blending the best minds in data science and software development to reduce costs and strive for carbon reduction. We are driving security work within 5GFoF, providing strategic support and bringing partners together to assess risk across the testbed.

Emblazoned in black is the name "IsITEthical", while on the left is a logo: a white question mark is imprinted on a yellow six-pointed asterisk, similar to a medical "star of life". Around this a purple, blue, red and black circle are tightly intersecting.


IsITethical is a growing community of practitioners, researchers, commercial developers, and policymakers interested in driving responsible innovation with digital ethics. The project initially focused on Disaster Risk Management (DRM), but are expanding into innovation in health, transport, leisure, and everyday life. The initiative provides:

  • An overview of ethical, legal, and social issues arising in the context of information communication technology innovation, with guidance on balancing technological potential with fundamental rights and values.
  • Summaries of regulatory frameworks, such as the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Justification for placing human rights, values, and practices at the heart of design and organisational innovation.
  • Signposting towards other resources, e.g., privacy impact assessments, and creative, novel methods for ethical design.

SafeNetics supports the maintenance and development of the isITEthical initiative, providing a novel contribution in building out the work on “Key Value Indicators (KVI)” in particular.